Froneri BOSS #zistostoFULL experiential activation

Sting Studio created for Communication Factory an experiential activation to promote Froneri’s BOSS Full ice creams.

We gave people the opportunity to live BOSS Full to the max. The big surprise was a black limousine with Zissis Roumbos, the famous stand-up comedian, where they sang the TVC’s song while eating the new flavors of Froneri BOSS ice cream.

The setup: We set up a black limousine with 6 HD cameras, monitors, microphones and a karaoke system. Also, in the limousine’s trunk, there was a full real-time recording and mixing mechanism. People were approached by promoters and asked if they wanted to live the Froneri BOSS full experience at the max. Outside of the limousine, there was a big TV screen and the players could see and talk to Zissis before entering the limousine. When they got inside they were asked to sing the BOSS Full song while eating their ice cream under the directions of Zissis Roumbos.

We made a total of 8 events in 4 weeks in Halandri, Glyfada, Nea Smirni and Bournazi. We recorded and edited over 100 videos inside the limousine and the 4 best videos each week were uploaded to Icecreamland’s facebook page in a battle in order to get voted and win unique BOSS Full gifts. Teasers and preview videos were going live every week to promote the next events.