What we love to do

Sting Digital is the young sibling of Sting Studio, born at the age of digital adventure.

We create top-notch customized solutions and offer unique experiences, both online and offline, by adding the technological touch that sparks the mind and, ultimately, becomes the best advocate for ideas, products, services.



We are Sting


Online Strategy

The “undercover” logic that makes digital communication wheels turn: the whys and hows to achieve special business goals online.


Corporate, e-shops, microsites. Memorable, clear-cut and functional sites that provide a unique digital fingerprint.

Facebook apps

Custom-made, user friendly experiences for facebook, or any other online environment.

Mobile apps

Put finger & brain into motion while making life easier.

Online campaigns

From designing an online campaign to managing & measuring newsletter campaign effects.

Content management

Helping you put your ideas into words and finding inspiring content updates.

Social media consulting

Where to be, what to say, who to befriend? You can always take advantage of a good guide to find your way through the social media channels.

Applications for events

To add a strong touch of technological advantage in product promotions, conferences, exhibitions or even concerts.

Powered by Sting Studio

Filming & Post Production

Visual content animates the soul best when it gets animated! And we are proud to be one of the very few digital agencies with in-house professional production services, able to keep costs low and content relevant. Taking full advantage of Sting Studio’s knowhow in production, we find creative solutions that add some moving action in your online world – be it a corporate video for your website, Youtube / Facebook page or a viral spot that will find its way organically – and yes, it’s all done under digital-era budgets.

Viral videos

The best advertising is achieved with word-of-mouth. In the digital era, this is supplemented with lots of “word-of-mouse”. Let us help you create the most memorable viral videos that will then go around organically, from mouse to mouse.

Online tutorials

Videos are not only used to entertain. They can equally educate people about your products and services. From writing the script to filming, editing and adding all necessary the post-production charm, we get them ready for you to upload in your site or on Youtube.


Why not share with thousands the atmosphere of this amazing promotional event you organised? We can be there, film all the action when it’s hot and then edit it for online use, to feed your site and social media channels.

Post production & Sound design

With three Avid suites & After Effects and an ultra-modern recording studio at our disposal, we can provide the best image and sound pampering to your video.

Research & Development

Build to order

The Sting Digital Research & Development department is our sponsorship for tomorrow’s realities.

What will tomorrow look like? We believe it’s going to be ultra-personal, and we work towards this direction by working on original, exclusive solutions that can identify users, know their needs, let them communicate instantly, or even… buy them beer in no time!

Our tools: welding, chips, screwdrivers, expertise on hardware building and tons of imagination.

The potential: practically unlimited. In fact, the biggest challenge is the new “crazy” idea that pops up. So the next time you think of something that seems undoable, just give us a call.