Perrier Provocative Nature

Perrier Provocative Nature Game

Perrier Provocative Nature

The iconic mineral water brand wanted to stimulate a unique online experience that would engage users and build an original story for the brand, under the concept of “Provocative Nature”.

Our input

  • Idea
  • Script
  • Puzzles
  • Microsite development
  • Flash Development
  • Pre-launch teaser video

Creation Steps

We proposed an original 5-stage script, with one main hero and two complementary characters that were alternatively activated in accordance to the user’s stated gender.


To pass each stage, users were challenged to combine the information from videos and imagery, in an interactive adventure gaming environment.

The Perrier Provocative Nature game was hosted in a specially designed micro-site, with individual & facebook login option. Each of the 5 stages was launched every 10 days. In order to proceed users needed to complete each stage. Our client The Flying Pot, made the creative.


The filming at Grande Bretagne and the launch and game scenes teaser videos were done by the We The People.

Perrier Provocative Nature Instructions

Game Scenes

Perrier Provocative Nature Episode 5
Perrier Provocative Nature Game Screen 2
Perrier Provocative Nature Game Screen

Teaser Videos

Game Scenes Teaser Video