Jagermeister, the distinctive alcoholic drink, was looking for an equally distinctive facebook application that would combine user interactivity with the power of video.

Jagermeister Facebook app main_award

Social Media Awards 2014

Silver award in “Best Facebook Application” category

Our Input

Facebook application with embedded videos.

Video production for 36 videos.

Creation Steps

Based on the given concept of “bar challenge”, where users tested their skills as bartenders by trying to implement as accurately as possible several Jagermeister cocktail recipes, we produced 36 videos of famous Greek bartenders ordering cocktails and giving feedback on the cocktail that the user created.

We were responsible for both the front end & back end development, the production of the videos and the making of for the production.

Concept and creative by The Mojo.

Jagermeister Facebook app cover
Jagermeister Facebook app gameplay cocktail
The player could make 1 to 12 cocktails.
Jagermeister Facebook app gameplay video order
The player would see a video where a famous bartender gave them the order.
Jagermeister Facebook app gameplay
The player would prepare the Jagermeister cocktail. According to the result the player would watch a positive or a negative reply from the bartender.

Videos for 1 of the 12 cocktails

Order video for Jagersour cocktail.

Reply video for the wrong Jagersour cocktail.

Reply video for the correct Jagersour cocktail.

Making of video